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Counting the cost of bad weather over Sweden

Wednesday, 30 October 2013
One immediate observation from the aftermath of the hurricane that hit Sweden last Monday is that there are  still some 9,200 household mostly of Eons customers in southern Sweden without power.

The Skåne region in southern Sweden was most severely affected by the hurricane-like storm that hit this part of the country which was on its trajectory which had off the Atlantic and passed through the UK towards northern Euorpe.sourt in southern sweden

Radio Sweden
Now the effect is that some 3,500 households are still without power. In Kronoberg county about 2500 household lack power, in Blekinge, 1300, Kalmar 1000 and in Halland about 900.  Authorities say it would take a long time before power gets back to these affected areas.

“It can be a lengthy process, as it takes more time per customer to fix the problems now. Yesterday we made a strong effort in which roughly 500 thousands at a time saw their power restored,” says Jacob Holmström, of energy company Eon's press service to radio Sweden.

A total of 700 people are working to resolve the power supply issue and in most cases the problem is that tree had fallen across power lines. Since Monday's storm, 100,000 of the utility's customers were without power.

It was reported that Vattenfall and Fortum saw their customers had power yesterday.
5,000 subscribers in the five most storm-affected counties are currently without fixed telephony. Yesterday it was 14,000 that were without.
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