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Falling tax evasion from Swedish companies

Wednesday, 20 November 2013
All what the Swedish tax authority have done in properly managing the Swedish tax system seem to be bearing fruits. Latest reports hold that tax evasion among Swedish companies and Swedish entrepreneurs have decreased  in the past years.
According to reports, the tax authority says that it is extremely gratifying, and important that that tax evasion among the Swedish business authorities and institution   is holding back. The authority continues that they’ll get into the tax revenues required to finance health care, schools and the various pensions systems, according to Ingemar Hansson, from the Swedish Tax Agency.

Tax evasion can be a big problem for a country when legitimate businesses tend to take their profits and cheat from the authorities, which ultimately leads to erosion of tax revenues. But according to a new report from the Tax authority that has reduced among the Swedish companies.

The report is based on a survey in which more than 2,700 entrepreneurs responded to various tax issues, including how widespread they perceive that tax evasion is in their own industry. When the survey was done in 2007 18 percent of the business owners said that they faced competition from tax cheat businesses. This year that figure has fallen to 11 percent. Fewer entrepreneurs also say that they know someone who evades tax.

“It's a very significant change, a surprisingly large change. Reputable companies should be able to survive even when they pay all taxes and this survey shows that one can make do that, and we are very happy,” says Hansson.
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