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Geely calls on Volvo to adapt to the needs of the Chinese market

Wednesday, 06 March 2013
Swedish automaker Volvo cars has been called by the its Chinese owner chairman, Li Shufu that it must innovate for the Chinese market to properly penetrate the market.
A company that lives on its Scandinavian design, Volvo must get a better understanding of Chinese consumers if it is to increase its presence there, Li Shufu is said to have identified, reports Swedish television.

"There are weaknesses in Volvo. The car is too clearly too Scandinavian in touch, "said Li Shufu, Geely's chairman and founder, in an interview to Swedish television.
"The Chinese have a different idea of what the interior should look like. Volvo has not taken into account this aspect. If this will work in China, the interior needs to changes. This requires an adjustment," he says.

The reports hold that mostly, the interior of Volvo cars need to be adapted to the Chinese market for it to sell better, Li Shufu is reported to have said. At the same time he emphasizes his belief in the Volvo brand and that the automaker has a bright future in China.

Volvo cars sales in China last year fell by 10 percent.
But Li Shufu is also optimistic for the future of Volvo in China. "Volvo has a strong brand with worldwide respect. I think Volvo's future in China will become brighter. Now we want to give more support to Volvo to make China its second home country," he said to Swedish television.

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