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German electronics chain, MEDIA MARKT start cracking on the Swedish market?

Monday, 21 October 2013
It has always denied that things were not going badly on the Swedish market – this is the German electronic retailer, Media Markt which for five years of losses, it is beginning to accept that it has had enough. The first shot for that is the chain closing a super store in Malmö.

Swedish business daily, Dagens Industri reports that the store is a large shop in Stora Bernstorp outside Malmö and that it is being closed because the company wants to pursue a saving plan. This means that some 82 employees are now becoming redundant.media marktWikipedia.org
According to the information from the store staff, the decision to close had been taken already a month ago, but management chose to conceal it. The company is also said to have placed a notice of its fate with the Employment Service.

"What makes one angry is that two weeks ago, we had a meeting on a weekday evening when our local management said that the store would be left behind, "said an employee who says that many of the staff has been troubled recently.

Questions are also being asked as to why the company could not wait till Christmas shopping was over.

The European consumer electronics giant had until today 28 stores in Sweden.
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