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SAAB promise corruption -free business in relation to the new Brazilian deal

Thursday, 19 December 2013
Bribery and corruption are seen as something that drive developing economies and the expectation is that a supposedly cleans country such as Sweden should do business void of being tarred with corruption.

Past experiences have shown that this is not the case. Many Swedish companies – Saab, Volvo, Scania, Ericsson, Telia, among others have all been, in one ways or the other, involved in corrupt or corruption related practices in the past while doing businesses with countries in the developing or corrupt economies.

As Saab gets into the lamplight, as it has been selected by the Brazilians to supply them with fighter jets, the Saab's Gripen fighter jets, a deal  by the Swedish  Defense Minister,  Karin Enstrom, the quest now is how cleans the business should be.
SaabSaab- Granscole
As reported earlier, Brazil has ordered 36 Gripen jet fighters and this will  result in more Swedish job, according to Lennart Sindahl, vice president of Saab report Swedish news agency TT.

"For our defence industry, it means that another partner is involved in developing and running of this warplanes system. This means synergies, so that is positive for Sweden, "said Karin Enstrom to TT.

Brazil's Defense Minister Celso Amorim said at a press briefing on Wednesday that negotiations can take 10-12 months and the first planes could begin shipment in 2018, writes the AFP news agency. Logistics, technology and transfer of technical expertise, according to him are the reason that Brazil chose Saab.

Now waiting is for the negotiations to determine all the details of the purchase. The offer was 36 planes, and according to Celso Amorim, the deal will cost the Brazilians, about 30 billion in Swedish kronor.

Together with the orders from the Swedish state there is expected to ensure the production beyond 2025 according to authorities analysing the impact of the deal.

“We're building the plane of the best bits. A portion will be manufactured in Sweden, some in other places. A certain production will also take place in Brazil," said the Swedish defence minister

Asked about bribery in connection with this deal, the minister said that "Saab has a very high level of business ethics, there has absolutely been no bribes or other dubious agreements."

When Jan Kovacs, Union steward at Saab in Linköping, heard about the deal last night he was "slightly surprised".

"It has been an interesting topic for many years and we have not known what direction it should go. But once it got a message yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised, "he told TT.

Kovacs welcomes the forthcoming negotiations between the parties.

"Initially, one hears just the beginning of something, but it is positive that they opened the door to negotiation. As it flows in it remains to be seen, but I really hope that it will land in a good result. "
By Scancomark.com Team

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