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Sweden withdrew from “Spy Satellites” project

Tuesday, 05 November 2013
Sweden is reported to have pulled out of a project to develop a spy satellites, along with France, blamed on cost rather than moral.
For a year and a half now Sweden and France have been working at an advanced stage on a space-based signals intelligence systems. In May 2011, Sweden withdrew from the project blamed on factors which has been determined to be too high a cost for the Swedish defence and the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV).
This system, which is to be placed on satellites orbiting at 60-110 km above the earth, is determined to be a military installations and air defense radars. They could be used for example when NATO-led forces are conducting operations in other countries, writes Swedish daily Svenska Dagbladet.
Since Sweden withdrew from the project, France is said to have continued working and hope to finish in time for the system to start working is 2020. The companies Thales Alenia Space and Astrium are said to be have been mentioned in connection with the project.
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