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How is the Swedish healthcare system faring as more temps employed than permanent staff?

Monday, 28 October 2013
Efficient management in Swedish care delivery centres is struggling and it not very clear whether the strategy is money saving by cutting services or just lack of money to invest in frontline services.

The reason for this is that it has emerged that service quality in Swedish hospitals and care delivery centres is falling and users and patients in hospitals and the elderly are getting worse care.
The reason being attributed to this is fall in staffs and the nature of staff employment  for many are employed on temporal basis leading to constantly being changed, reports Swedish television.

But there is also a serious problem for those work in the healthcare delivery as their working condition are described as deplorable with often less pay, according to  Katarina Mårtensson socio-political director at Municipal Workers' Union, reports Swedish television.

Many nurses, and nursing assistants currently work at temporary basis, and the proportion of agency staff is now growing. In just one year the number of agency staff in these health professions has increased by almost 9,000 people. The temporary workers now account for one third of the workforce, data from statistics Sweden shows.

“It is obviously unfortunate, but we also have a business where we have to bring in substitutes when our people fall sick. Our sick leave has unfortunately increased this year, and it may well be an explanation,” says Agneta Jöhnk, director of employer policy in the employer organization for Swedish municipalities and county councils.

But Municipality authorities do not believe in that explanation and are describing the problems of increasing fixed-term employment as a system failure.
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