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New Swedish method can unlock the most hidden doping in sports

Sunday, 17 February 2013
Researchers at UmeŚ University, Sweden have developed a new technique that can reveal blood doping that could previously escaped detection.

According to Swedish television, a research team at UmeŚ University have developed a method where one can see the actual blood cells as if they were frozen, which is precisely what happens when drugs are used in a doping process. The blood cells from the patients are frozen before the race and then injected in juts before the race.

Blood doping occurs a way to increasing the number of red blood cells and thus increase the body's oxygen uptake. This is a shortcut for athletes to enhance their performance during competition.

"It is not difficult to carry out blood doping in itself, one have to have special equipment to freeze the blood  and this can be ordered," says Christer Malm, physiologist and researcher at UmeŚ University to Swedish television.

The method developed by the researchers can reveal even the kind of incremental blood doping, where athletes lose on a small splash at a time - something that athletes have done to escape detection.

"Using this screening method, we can tell the difference between blood cells if they were frozen or not," says Christer Malm.

The method is first prepared and then will subsequently be able to test blood from the winner and in theory, it may also be possible to find traces of blood transfusions in samples from old doping tests.
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