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Swedish business pressure group call on government to make it easy for first-rate international universities to establish here

Wednesday, 23 October 2013
Swedish private sector has succeeded under the current government to penetrate sectors that were previously seen as more welfare – facing. But various authorities such as the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise would want to see more foreign “high brand” universities to storm the Swedish university market.

The confederation writes in one of its recent news cast that the Swedish higher education market had been hard to foreign higher education institutions to establish branch campuses. Apparently this is currently dues to government policy.Harvard UniversityHarvard University / Facebook
So for that the confederation writes that, this should get policy-makers to rethink and concentrate on simplifying the regulatory framework involved, pursuing active marketing, and implementing coordinated efforts for this.

Tobias Krantz, Head of Education, Research and Innovation at the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, and Maria Rankka CEO of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce argue in their write up among others that world class higher education and research are critical to a Sweden that must remain an attractive country for entrepreneurship, investment, jobs, and welfare – now and in coming years.

Therefore as the demands in the global economy continually sharpen, opening Swedish higher education to new influences, to change, and to allow new participants in the market is essential for the country to improve quality and strengthen competitiveness. Read more from their report.
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