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The psychological effects of being black: How black women take dangerous steps through skin beaching to seek illusive "White" beauty

Monday, 26 August 2013
"White women are more beautiful than black women!" This not the view of white women's, it is the perception carry around by black women and they are doing the most dangerous things to change the colour of their skin.

It is true that most wealthy black men, in the western economies, in most cases, would chose a white woman to settle with as a lifetime partner. This happens despite the fact that their black skin women, mostly of the African ethnicity (black women) or Asian extraction are besides them watching.
skin bleaching
Image: Skin Bleaching from dark to whites
This is not only in choosing that wealthy husband, but also studies have shown that beautiful people are usually chosen for a jobs or promotion, acting careers, etc.,  than the less beautiful ones,  but no study has yet shown that a black woman in her natural black skin has been found not beautiful. This however, is not satisfactory to the black woman who feels that her dark skin is reflective of her lack of beauty.

For this reason, black skinned women are indulging in dangerous acts in which they use various untested and unproven chemicals to change their skin colour otherwise known as skin bleaching. Their ideal beauty or their illusive imaginary beauty lies in the "whiteness of the skin."

As said several times in the  past, critical voices against this new beauty trend, which is increasingly taken, by a growing number of women of colour around the world to lighten their skin seeking to improve their beauty believed to be is shaded by the blackness of their skin is getting louder.
Various dangerous chemicals used for skin bleaching
Image: The sector becomes lucrative and so dangerous products come into the market
One of those is Mariam Osman Sherifay, a Swedish Social Democrat politician, of Egyptian decent. She is also, social activist, pre-school teacher, and former Member of Parliament and is very concerned about the trend in which dark skin women feel that their ideal beauty lies in the whiteness of their skins or when they look like white women. She is also concerned about the various skin defects that come along with the attempts their attempts to bleach their skins.

According the World Health Organisation, in Nigeria for example, 77 percent of women use skin lightening agents, something dermatologist argues is dangerous for their health. In addition, black activists, scholars and black psychologist believe that the illusive beauty black women are chasing is not hidden by the blackness of their skin colour but their attitudes.

Simple questions are asked, have the black woman the types of  attributes that make them receptive, supportive to their men, gentler or less aggressive, focus on making their men successful rather than repelling them from homes (large number of black African women are single parents), less materialistic etc..

Speaking to Swedish television, one woman from Kenya who has used the chemicals for 3 years said that "I think white women are more beautiful, I do not want to be black. When I was little, I used to admire white people. I'll become more confident if I could become white."

This tendency to rub the whole body sometimes two- three times  a day with a cream,  soaps, pills and syringes, to get the skin to become paler has lead to the explosion of a booming industry.
According the World Health Organization,  77 percent of women in Nigeria use skin lightening agents of any kind. In India, over 60 percent of skin care products on the market are used to improve the skin colour. As the sector becomes lucrative, many skin-lightening products are now coming from the dark side of the market. These illegal products in most cases contain high levels of mercury solutions that have a bleaching effect. That is thus dangerous.

Some tough critics of this phenomenon hold that the black ancestors had no need to change their skin colour and that the ideal came after colonization and the brainwash that came during neo- colonisation. However, white people did not select their friends, girl friends, or wives from light-skinned women. So where did this perception come from?  

One argument is that black women want to try to emulate the white ideals, something some people described as that black women lack confidence in themselves and ideas on how they could make themselves appealing. They have failed in examining their attitudes and their roles as the softer and nurturing side of humanity. Therefore, for them to remain appealing, attitudes count more than skin colour change.
effects of kin bleachingImage/Effects of skin bleaching - bleaching has dangerous effects
The health effects of Skin bleaching among others is that it can cause hyper pigmentation erosions, scarring, fungal and bacterial infections of the skin, but also permanent damage to the liver and kidneys.

The World Health Organization reports on recurrence and long-term damage after usage of skin bleaching products, such as depression and neurological damage.

The creams used contain dangerous substances such as hydroquinone, which is used for example, in photo processing fluids and paints, and mercury salts, that are dangerous to particular internal organs.

The EU banned hydroquinone in cosmetic products in 2001 and bleaches are banned in many African and Asian countries.
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