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The face of ethical Swedish companies: Guest workers from Cameroon exploited in Sweden by "ethical" companies

Wednesday, 13 March 2013
Workers drafted from Cameroon (pictured here below) to do hard job in Swedish forest planting trees have been found to be exploited by their employers. This was reported a few months ago and it was greed that they will receive their pay. But for the second time within the space of  12 months the plight of the workers just got worse as their pay is reduced by Skr10000 or €1209.

The job is hard, heavy, and dangerous in the Swedish forest, planting trees. Very physically strong men are drafted from Cameroon, in African, and promised to work in some of the best places to work on earth, Sweden, which also has companies that operate along ethical lines, various international comparisons how.

They come to Sweden and give in their best, carrying backbreaking loads of saplings into the heart of clearances in Swedish forest to plant. After doing all that job, they are either not paid or are paid far lower than what they were promised.

According to Swedish television, a document from the Swedish authorities, show how the job offers turned out to not be worth anything. The compensation was only a fraction of that promised.

This happened in January last year and was exposed after an investigation by Swedish television how nearly fifty Cameroonian lost most of their earnings to come to Sweden to work as a forest tree planters in Västerbotten.

Employed by Company Skogsnicke AB, the job attracted a contractual salary of Skr 18,500 per month (€2.238 or $2917). This was a good pay given what they earn back home from better jobs and with half a year, they would be richer with three years' wages compared to what they could earn  back home in Cameroon. However, it turns out that they were deceived, paid illegal fees, and received threats.

After negotiations were carried out between the workers and Swedish worker union in the forestry sector SLA,  and the employers the amount that was promised to be paid to the workers have not been paid, they have had some payment but Skr10000,  reports Swedish television.

Swedish television sought explanations from the workers union, SLA, and Katarina Novak who did the negotiation on behave of the union said that the money paid to the Cameroonians is the best they could get. Although not the expected pay as per their contract, due to complications in the contract and various legal small prints in the immigration rules and issue relating to immigrant workers in Sweden, that was the best they could get for the Cameroonians.

The forest owned by forest giants, Holmen and SCA contracted Skogsnicke AB to do tree planting which in turn, it recruited workers from Cameroon. As the Cameroonians are not happy about their pay, Holmen and SCA have nothing to say but claim to feel sorry fee the Cameroonians.
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