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Dangerous bacteria in fresh chicken sold in Sweden – Please Watch Out

Wednesday, 23 October 2013
There is an alarm swirling around Sweden warning of dangerous bacteria found in chicken sold in Swedish stores.

Various news sources are reporting that fresh chicken sold in Sweden contain bacteria that lead to intense stomach problems and antibiotic-resistant bacteria illnesses.

The worst was found in Danish chicken, but Swedish chicken was not said to be completely free of the bacteria.

“It is very shocking and shows that consumers are exposed to large, unnecessary risk of infection. Swedish chicken production has obviously much to do,” says Jan Bertoft, Secretary General of the Swedish Consumers Association.

The food and drink magazine Råd & Rön is reported to have tested the prevalence of campylobacter and ESBL-producing E-coli bacteria in Swedish and Danish fresh chicken.

“In two cases, Chicken from Denmark were found to have contain these bacteria in such large quantities that it was enough for one or two grams of raw chicken to bring serious sickness to the consumer,” writes Swedish Consumers organisation  in a press release.

In 62 percent of the samples, campylobacter were found in 51 percent and ESBL-producing E-coli bacteria were also found in large quantity.

"We found ESBL-producing bacteria in 51 percent and campylobacter in 62 percent of all samples. Campylobacter was found in any chicken apart from the Bjäre Bird and Knäredsgränd. In the chicken from the Coop, Eldorado, Ica, Lagersbergs, Garant, Gyllda, Bosarps and Pärsons, Campylobacter was detected in several samples.

In Pärsons chicken so much campylobacter was detected that it would be enough to ingest a gram to get one very sick,” writes the magazine Råd & Rön.
It looks like poison is being sold in Sweden in the name of chicken.
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