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Denmark finds a better route to increased employment through improved adult education

Monday, 18 November 2013
Denmark has seen a route to improved employability of the older workers who lost their jobs or who became unemployed get into adult education.

A new report  presented by the Danish Labour Market Authority  and which has gained the backing of the country’s Ministry of Employment show that it is a good idea to educate unemployed  adults and make them take advantage of apprenticeship scheme and thus prepare them to take the new jobs emerging in the new sectors of the economy.

The report shows that there are significant positive employment effects for adult coming from such unemployment programs. After one year, 70 percent of unemployed who have completed an adult education find themselves a job.

The report concludes that it is worthwhile, especially for the unemployed to become an adult apprentice and get an education. Many unemployed who take such training come out to land a job afterwards.

Employment Minister, Mette Frederiksen believes that it is a good investment to get an education –both for themselves and for the society. Mette Frederiksen will take the new knowledge gained from these successes when she starts to make a major review of employment policy.

But that does not mean that there will necessarily be more money for the scheme.
“It's not that we just want to spend more money. We are already spending lots of money on education right now. We have a good adult education system today, but there are a few who make use of it when we look at what the results are,” says Mette Frederiksen, adding: The money and opportunities are there now. And therefore we urge that people use the system.” Team

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