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How shortage of wind supply in Denmark lead to record expensive electricity prices. One core disadvantage of wind power.

Friday, 07 June 2013
Denmark just presented an example of the negative side of wind energy. With limited wind speed in the pastwind months, in Denmark, electricity prices have sky rocketed.

The limited supply of wind energy into the grid means that those who can bid the highest pat for energy. For example, machine wash and tumbler dry now costs about Skr88 in Denmark.

On Friday, a kWh of electricity in Denmark cost Dkr 1724, ten times more than in Sweden, according energy price comparison site, reports Swedish news agency TT .

Elskling have figured out that a wash with tumbling in modern machines consume about 4 kWh of electricity. In Sweden, it costs approximately Skr 3.50 including electricity tax. In Denmark, the corresponding cost Skr88.
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