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Sales of Work permits to as much as Skr100,000 rife in Sweden

Sunday, 20 October 2013
How effective is the Swedish jobs market? Young people are not getting employment and the government is killing itself giving companies tax breaks as a means for them to recruit more unemployed and young people. But it turns out that some companies know how to milk the system. They just sell their work permits for more benefits plus what they get from the government.

Smaller service companies such saloons and beauty parlour have been found to be employing illegal workforce made up of immigrants in which they sell work permits to their compatriots or those who are ready to buy for up to Skr100,000 (USD15000).

Radio Sweden reports that it has discovered a model in which a work permit racket works in Sweden. One example is nail polishing salons that recruit personnel from Vietnam. By calling around to a total of eight nail salons in Sweden and pretending to be a Vietnamese jobseeker, radio Sweden could reveal how the process works.

The price ranged between Skr70,000 and Skr140,000  and salary stood at Skr6,500 per month.

“The most important thing is that we have to get a sum of money,” a saloon told radio Sweden undercover Vietnamese job seeker. This means the job seeker must pay some money first.

The Swedish migration board is not happy with the news and said to radio Sweden that they take such research and information seriously.
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