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Signs that the Swedish job market is making continued improvements

Thursday, 14 November 2013
There is now indication that the Swedish jobs market is beginning to heal. Latest data from Swedish statistic office Statistic Sweden (SCB) show an increase in the number of people in employment.swedish job seeker

In October 2013 the number of employed persons aged 15-74 amounted to 4 746 000, an increase of 90 000 compared to October 2012, especially among persons aged 15-24.

The number of unemployed persons amounted to 374 000, corresponding to an unemployment rate of 7.3 percent. The number of hours worked averaged 162.4 million per week, an increase by 4.1 million hours. Seasonally adjusted data shows a continued positive trend for both the number of employed persons and the employment rate, as well as a weak decrease in the number of unemployed men.
Read more from press release from Statistic Sweden Team

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