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Swedish nuclear reactor among the worst in the world

Wednesday, 11 September 2013
Oskarshamn 1 is one of the world's worst nuclear reactors, according to a new finding and classification of the most dangerous nuclear power stations.

Sweden's oldest reactor has suffered one failure after another. First turbine vibration, then it led a dislocated feed of water valve to high water level. Both triggered scram, and showed disorder in its operations as which instructions were effective.
Swedish nuclear power failure
According to Swedish technology paper, Ny Teknik, with the help of data from the International Energy Agency (IAEA), which carried out an investigation into how well the world's nuclear reactors, which started before 1980 are efficient in producing energy in relative to its capacity.

The Swedish reactor Oskarshamn 1 is under investigation and has been classed as the world's fourth worst of its kind. Besides it persistent and numerous technical inefficiencies', it also only produced 61.3 percent the electricity of its capacity.

The reactor according to Ny Teknik is classified at number 105 and only Japanese nuclear plant Mihama recently shut and newly renovated Canadian Bruce 2 have managed to do worse.

Oskarshamn 1 has virtually stood still over the past two years, producing nothing in the name of power due to persistent technical problems. The idea is that it would start operations again on Thursday 12 September. However, it is unclear whether it can be done because the plant is still struggling with technical problems.

The world's best reactor is in Finland. Olkiluoto-1 started in 1979 and has since been producing full 92.2 percent of energy to its capacity.
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