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The energy sector more important for the Swedish economy than thought

Tuesday, 18 June 2013
The energy industry is more important for the Swedish economy than previously thought as it is expected that more people should be trained for the industry to maintain the skills that will drive it forward in the future.

According to a new report from a leading innovation agency, Vinnova the sector is expected to grow in the future and would be extremely vital for the Swedish economy. Therefore the skill needed to push the system forward has to be trained as soon as possible, according to Samuel Stromgren who is behind the report

He called on young people to open their eyes and get into the energy business and gain access to the jobs that will be there for in the future.
Vinnova, which is an agency under the Swedish Ministry of Industry, produces documentation for eyes of the politicians on which industries are likely to be most significant in the future. The energy industry has emerged as one of the most vital on the chart right now. More than 71 000 people were employed in the sector in 2011 in  over 1100 energy companies, according to the report. This is considerably more than what the official statistics say.

Vinnova report states that the energy sector accounts for 15 per cent of GDP, although only 1 percent of the working population work there. In addition, businesses there grew by 7 per cent in 2007-2011.
"This is an industrial sector with tremendous good future prospects, an industry that is a prerequisite for all other industries," says Samuel Stromgren.
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