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Vattenfall buys Russian nuclear fuel as it seeks to reduce prices and gain advantage that is more competitive

Monday, 29 July 2013
While the EU seeks to reduce dependence on Russian energy, Swedish energy company, Vattenfall for the first time is buying Russian nuclear fuel.

According to Swedish media source, the trial deliveries from the state-controlled company Rosatom will be tested in the Swedish Ringhals nuclear facility controlled by Vattenfall, something the company has justify the purchase.

It argues that the purchase is aimed at finding more suppliers in order to seek ways of lowering prices reports various Swedish media sources

vattenfallThere is warning from Swedish researcher, Jakob Hedenskog of the Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI) according to Swedish daily, Svenska Dagsbladet that Russia uses its energy policy as leverage in foreign policy.

Green party politician, Per Bolund find it disconcerting if Vattenfall becomes dependent on Russian energy. He also believes that Sweden is indirectly helping Russia to maintain its nuclear power.

If the results are good, they may begin permanent supply of nuclear no fuel as earlier than 2020, according to Torbjörn Wahlborg, head of Vattenfall's nuclear division according to media reports.

Even though the EU is seeking to reduce its dependence on Russian gas and oil, Torbjörn Wahlborg thinks Vattenfall can becomes more independent by expanding the number of providers of fuel. So the company has depended more on two main suppliers from the U.S. and France. Moreover, prices will be pushed with more potential diverse suppliers, according to Torbjörn Wahlborg.

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