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Finnish far right leader, Timo Soini wants EU referendum in Finland too

Thursday, 24 January 2013
British Prime minister, David Cameron's speech yesterday about the possibility that the UK could vote via a referendum in 2017 to leave the EU has been welcomes by far right leaders in Sweden and Finland.

After the British PM's speech, the Finnish Prime Minister, Jyrki Katainen's office issued a statement saying that the PM does not see the need for a referendum for the Finnish people.

Finnish far right opposition leader, Timo Soini of the TrueFinns Party has praised the British Prime Minister, David Cameron after he called for the renegotiation of the terms of EU membership and a referendum whether to stay in or not. This has motivated Soini to call for a referendum on EU membership in Finland as well. He has been an ardent critic of Finnish membership of the EU with his True Finn party came second in the last Parliamentary elections with nearly one fifth of the vote.

On his blog he wrote on Wednesday that he would do just that if he were to be the Finnish prime minister - calling for a popular vote to determine whether Finland stays in or not.
For him, each country should have the right to vote on EU membership and its term once per generation, he told Finnish broadcaster, Yle

The call for a referendum has been repudiated by other political leaders such as  Centre party leader Juha Sipilš who said he does not see a referendum as necessary unless the EU takes a sharper turn toward federalism. His party took Finland into the EU after a 1994 referendum, in which 57 percent of Finns voted for membership, reports Yle.
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