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How the Swedish far right party, Sweden Democrats eat into the heart of the Swedish Conservative sphere

Tuesday, 03 December 2013
The Sweden Democrats Party, the evolving far right party that wants to take full political control in Sweden and as a result to cleanse Sweden of anything not “Swedish” has been growing thanks to it finding weak spots within the Conservatives Moderate party and biting from.

New figures show that the Conservatives Moderates have lost about 102,000 voters to the Sweden Democrats since the last election. From the Social Democrats 33500voters have gone the same way.

Next Wednesday, the Swedish Statistic Office, Statistic Sweden (SCB) will release its long-awaited political party preference in Sweden as elections draw nearer. Because of its size it will get to illustrate how voters have passed between the parties. But special reports that Novus has made of its monthly voter barometer on behalf of the Swedish business daily, Dagens Industri, show new figures on which parties the Swedish far rights have beaten into since the 2010 election.
Jimmie Akesson
Image: Jimmie Akesson, Head of Swedish far right party, Sweden Democrats

In the latest opinion poll conducted in November, three times as many Moderate - voters as Social Democrats voters went to Sweden Democrats. The figures represent nearly 101,900 people who voted for Moderate in the last election who said they would vote for the far rights if elections were held today.

At the same time, the same survey, based on 2,000 interviews, 33,500 of the 2010 Social democrats voters would vote for Sweden Democrats is elections were held today. Except in November, net flows from the socialists since the election decreased recently.

Sweden Democrats new supporters are more men than women. The differences in other background factors are too small to be statistically significant, but there is some over-representation of people of working age, from Skåne (Southern Sweden) and people without college education.

Sweden Democrats, from all indications will likely have more political influence in a Social Democrats - led government than in an Alliance - led government. The reason is that Fredrik Reinfeldt has been very much harder on the Sweden Democrats than Social Democrats Stefan Löfven.
By Scancomark.com Team

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