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Sweden Democrats loses third spot on the Swedish political party rank

Sunday, 17 November 2013
The Swedish far right party,  Sweden Democrats has slipped down the aisle in a rare move which sees the Green Party and the Left Party shift forward in a new opinion poll.

The poll conducted by polling organisation In Sifo for the Swedish dailies  Svenska Dabladet and Göteborg Posten for the month of November shows a surprise slope for the far right party, Sweden Democrats. It has therefore givens the mantle for the country’s third largest party to the Greens.

The Red-Green bloc now has a majority without the support of any other party and hold a 12 points lead over the governing Alliance parties according to the poll.

Although the Social Democrats fell back a bit, the Centre Party and the Christian Democrats revolves around the 4 percent parliamentary accession threshold mark. Any change are said to be within the margin of error.
By Scancomark.com Team

Swedish public opinion: How much support will the parties gain in the measurement in percentage 

Party Voter’s Support Change *
Social Democrats: 34.5,           
The Left party                    
Green party          
 + -0
Center party                        
 4.1, +0.3
People’s Party                     
Christian Democrats:                     
3.9: -0.1;
Sweden Democrats       


    * Change in percentage points since the previous survey in October.  


The opinion poll was conducted via telephone interviews between the 4th and 14th  November when 1901 people over 18 years were asked: "Which party would you vote for if the election were today?"
 Source: Sifo / Swedish Dagbladet and Göteborgs-Posten

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