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Swedish Prime Minister sees his confidence falls

Monday, 04 November 2013
Swedish Prime Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt and head of the governing Moderate party has seen his confidence among Swedish people fallen to a very new low. Figure for the five years tracking of Mr Reinfeldt’s likability shows in a new survey has fallen to a new low.

In the survey conducted by polling organisation Ipsos for the Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter, confidence in the Swedish head of government is 48 percent compared with 52 percent in the previous survey, a change said to be statistically significant, according to the paper.
Swedish Prime Minister, Fredrik ReinfeldtSwedish Prime Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt / Granscole
“During the fall, we have seen a decline in ratings for the government and Conservative parties. Then it is not surprising that this is reflected in the confidence of the politicians leading the government and the Conservatives,” says Johanna Laurin Gulled, public opinion analyst at Ipsos, to the newspaper.

She stresses, however, that the Prime Minister still has a high level of confidence.

One can also note that among his own supporters, he has a very strong support that stands at about at 90 percent.

Confidence in the Social Democratic chairman Stefan Löfven also decreased, from 43 to 42 percent. Even the Green Party, its tow spokes persons  who stand as head of the party Gustav Fridolin and Åsa Romson also have lower confidence figures.

Compared to the last survey in June, confidence is unchanged for the Christian Democrat leader Göran Hägglund, the Liberal Party head, Jan Björklund and Sweden Democrats leader, Jimmie Åkesson.

Confidence in the Centre Party leader Annie Loof and Left Party Jonas Sjöstedt has risen slightly.
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