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Swedish Social Democrats party attracted more lobbyists’ at their conferences than the other parties

Sunday, 20 October 2013
The Social Democrat party has tended to attract more lobbyists than their more presumed business friendly opponents such as the Conservatives  - usually described as a party for business and small government. More companies and interest groups are flocking into the General conference of the socialists party,  more than could have been  expected. Could it be that it is now clear that Social democrats would lead the next government?

Leaders of the lobbying groups are energy and healthcare companies which are investing very well, the most in seeing if there are ways to influence politicians in the Social Democrats and thus becomes the party that attracts the largest number of lobbyists at its congress, according to Swedish media reports.

Companies and interest groups are lobbying political party when they meet to discuss issues affecting their party and how their ideas could move the country forward. The Social Democrats are the party that attracts the most, according to Swedish daily, Dagens Nyheter.
Social democrat congressSocial Democrat congress Gothenburg 2003/Granscole
The latest Social Democrat congress attracted over 80 external exhibitors (companies and various organisation) compared to government parties that received a visit from 15 to 20 companies at their party conference.

Primarily, energy and healthcare companies have chosen to lead in this crusade be in place. Social Democrats has also attracted companies active in the area of infrastructure.
For the side of the moderate party, here one can find associations such as Tenants Association and the Swedish Association for Senior Citizens, workers Union, Unionen and the Teachers' Union, but also representatives of commercial industries whose existence is based on political decisions.

“Many are invited to exhibit in our larger meetings or AGMs. We do not demand that exhibitors should sympathize with our policies and represent our views. Should any exhibitor deemed to be controversial, we take it case by case,” comments Moderates press Officer, Anna Charlotta Johansson.
One factor that stand clear leading to the choices made by the lobbying organisations is that it looks set that the Social Democrats will lead the next government. Despite all attempts made by the incumbent, their poll numbers continue to struggle as it has been for the past year. Therefore companies have started presenting themselves with the possible winners of the future.

The far right party, Sweden Democrats has presented itself as a party that no company is openly willing to support. It has therefore decoupled from the rest of the Swedish political family in terms of interest from companies and organizations. Who would want to be openly seen with a company that preach from the Nazi bible…?

“We'll see what happens in November, but what I know is that no one has expressed interest to be involved,” says Martin Kinnunen, Sweden Democrat's press officer.
By Scancomark.com Team

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