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Swedish defence Minister backs off  and call the Saudi regime a "Dictatorship"

Monday, 13 August 2012
The Swedish Defense,  Minister Karin Enstrom is a woman and now feels that feels that Saudi Arabia is certainly a dictatorship.

In a letter, according to Swedish media reports, the minister writes that "Saudi Arabia is an authoritarian regime and an absolute monarchy, where there are gross violations of human rights."
The minister continues that it is hard to classify the government among countries of the world that practice either democracies or dictatorships. But if one was to describe Saudi Arabia and place it either as a democracy or a dictatorship, Saudi Arabia would be described as a dictatorship.

As recently as Monday, Enstrom had not use the word dictatorship to describe Saudi Arabia. So many people are eyes - wide open and drooling seeking to understand why the sudden change of heart towards one of Sweden's main military hardware markets.

According to media reports in Sweden, the  statement from the Defence minister on Saudi Arabia has provoked reactions even from within her government. Deputy Prime Minister and Education Minister Jan Björklund (Liberal) is impressed and has made his mind clear.

"Saudi Arabia is one of the world's worst dictatorships, and there should be no confusion about our country's position, "he said.
When asked why the defence minister made a statement that she made Bjorklund to the news agency TT that
"I will not speculate as to why she has expressed herself this way, the defense minister herself would be better placed to answer the question, perhaps it is a misunderstanding, but it should not be a confusion about that Saudi Arabia is one of the world's worst dictatorships."

The Swedish foreign office describes Saudi Arabia not as a dictatorship. Instead, that "Saudi Arabia is an absolute monarchy with no elected, popular representation or political parties."

This is not the way the Swedish foreign office describes Cuba or North Korea. They are described as dictatorships.

So could the current fall- over in Sweden to described Saudi Arabia as a dictatorship has anything to do with the failed arms deal Sweden had with the country recently when reporter busted a secret government plan to build a weapons factor in the country (Saudi Arabia) or is it just something to appease the vocal campaigners and critics of human rights abuses in Saudi Arabia and its tied with the Swedish government?
by Team

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