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As Sweden opens it's door to the Syrians, people traffickers getting richer

Monday, 25 November 2013
One reason why some countries are coiling in opening their borders to the Syrian refugees is to avoid what is emerging as happening to refugees flocking to Sweden. As Sweden opens it borders to scores of Syrians, it has emerged that some pays as much Skr 72,000 and teh price to move to Sweden explodes.

The news that refugees receive permanent residence permit in Sweden is expected to increase the number of fleeing here plus the fact that their residency come with the Swedish generous welfare benefits.

“We've heard about it. All refugees in Syria are talking right now about that Sweden provides protection,” says Mohammed who just applied for asylum at the Swedish Migration Board in Malmö.
Syrian fleeinmg to swedenGranscole
Skr72.000 is the amount Syrian refugees are forced to pay to escape to Sweden, which is the main recipient of Syrian refugees in Europe. In early October the Swedish asylum rules were relaxed in favour of the Syrians. Therefore refugees from Syria were granted permanent residency, instead of just three years visa.

This has triggered commotion among Syrians to do all they can to get to Sweden and would defy death and ay as much as they can to get here.

“It's a challenge that Sweden has a policy in this area and other EU Member States should also adapt to this, I think,” says Tobias Billström, Swedish migration minister.

Permanent residence makes it possible for all the rest of the family to get together here legally and safer. Just one members of the family is enough to get here and they help the rest to be smuggled in. Something, according to Swedish television is what is noticed at the Migration Board in Malmö. There it is now mostly lonely men coming from Syria. The families are often left in Syria.

The price to flee to Sweden according to Swedish television has risen sharply recently, citing revelations from many refugees. In the past it cost between 4,000 and 5,000 euros, but now the refugee smugglers’ price has risen to 8,000 euros, (Skr72,000).
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