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Many racists harbour in the Swedish labour Union LO   and will vote the Sweden in the next election

Sunday, 17 November 2013
Labour Unions are supposed to be organisations that support workers and commune with them against the stresses of unscrupulous bosses and a government that will do anything to remove better working conditions. But in Sweden the trend emerging is different. The biggest labour union in the country LO houses surprisingly the large amount of far right sympathisers making the racial position in the country more complicate. 
No doubt there is high racial bias in employment and workers support in Sweden. Swedish television reports that among the members of the labour union, LO, Sweden Democrats voters have grown and is now the second biggest party.

lo memebers supporting far rightsMost of the supporters are manual workers in competition with immigrants in sectors such as in building sites  / Svt

According to figures from polling organisation, Sifo, one sixth of LO member are supporters of the Sweden Democrats. This has got LO leadership to launch a series of projects aimed at sensitising the work force about tolerance apparently without much effect on the members it is trying to reach.
LO have organised courses, seminars and lectures on tolerance and equality of all people. They have collaborated with the Foundation Expo which reports about racist tendencies in the country and travelled around the country's workplaces to talk to people about tolerance. The aim is to mobilize opposition to the Sweden Democrats. So far, it has not produced results. For some time, the Sweden Democrats were the second biggest party for LO members after the Social Democrats.
LO's management is worried over the view that more and more of its membership is mapped out before Election Day next year. Every sixth member of LO, 16.8 percent said they would vote for the Sweden Democrats, according to figures from the sifo. Among men ages 18 to 49 years supports is nearly 30 percent for the Sweden Democrats.
The reasons for the Sweden Democrats' strong position in LO membership is understood. One is due to increased labour migration. Out on construction sites there is a widespread perception that workers from other countries come to Sweden and take jobs away from "the Swedes." LO supports labour immigration but would make it more difficult for foreign nationals to obtain work in industries where competition for jobs is great.

According to the professor of political science, at the SOM Institute at Gothenburg University, Ekengren Henrik Oscarsson,  the largest proportion of supporters of  Sweden Democrat are  low-skilled workers, preferably male.

Ekengren Oscarsson also thinks that another reason for the support for the Sweden democrats has to do with the conservatism with working class itself other than fear fro immigration. They still strongly believe in the far right party’s views on gender roles, the family, the attitude towards homosexuals, views on gender equality.

Tobias Baudin, the First Deputy Chairman of LO, believes that the Sweden Democrats are a xenophobic party, and it bothers him that his members endorsed a party which, according to him, does not include the idea of equality of all people in their guide book. But the concern also applies to the forthcoming parliamentary elections. LO will fight for the Social Democrats to regain government and warn that a vote for the Sweden Democrats is for the Alliance and Fredrik Reinfeldt to remain in office.
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