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Of the ore than 500 tips about the young blond child, one has come from Sweden

Sunday, 20 October 2013
The police in looking into a call from Sweden, which could potentially lead to the biological parents of the mysterious baby blond, and blue eye girl ripped off a gypsy camp in Greece.
More that 5000 tips and information has come in since last Wednesday, relating to the four-year-old girl now called Maria, found in a Gypsy camp north of Athens. Reports hold that eight of all the tips are considered worthy to pursue - and one of them very interesting comes from Sweden.Maria seen here with a women described as her mother
Little Maria seen here on a home vidoe with a woman described as her mother / Channel 4
The content of the information from Sweden remain obscured but it has been channelled to the police. The other tips that the police continue to pursue comes from the U.S., France, Canada, and Poland, according to various media reports.

The girl is believed to be of Scandinavian or Eastern European (Hungarian) origin and police suspect she was kidnapped as a little baby.

Maria was found with people who were thought not to be her biological parents, and  DNA tests later proved they were not. The couple, a 39-year-old man and a 40-year-old woman, were arrested and charged with abducting a minor.
But a man calling himself Kostas, the brother of the 39-year-old male, said Maria was very loved and cared for.
"We got this girl in a very nice way. We raised her. We got her. She was given to us and we raised her," he said to British channel 4 news.
He added that "She had problems with her eyes. We took her to the doctor, we took her everywhere. We didn't take her to sell her. We loved her so much, with so much passion."
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