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Swedish politician Madeleine Sjöstedt investigated for bribery and corruption

Tuesday, 17 December 2013
Madeleine Sjöstedt of the people’s party working as the vice mayor for culture and property of Stockholm country is being investigated for bribery after traveling to the U.S. with the entertainment company Anschutz Entertainment Group, AEG.
Madeleine Sjöstedt at Guldbaggegalan 21 januari 2013. Image: Wikimedia
National Anti-Corruption Unit has launched an investigation into bribery, reports Swedish TV channel, TV4 News, after it emerged that Sjöstedt was invited  and treated to luxuries among others, watch a concert in Las Vegas as well as basketball and hockey games at various locations in the U.S. in spring 2009.

Six months after the trip concluded Stockholm City agreed with AEG to manage the operation of Tele2 Arena in southern Stockholm.

The Tele2 Arena is described as one of Sweden’s most powerful platform for business and events. Inspired by multifunctional arenas elsewhere in Europe and in the US, swede’s Tele2 Arena is a world – class stage and meeting venue hosting every type of major Swedish and international event, all year round. It is also a major cash cow for the city’s entertainment sector and competition to operate it is cut throat.

Previously, the City has decided to allow the auditors to examine the events surrounding Tele2 arena. The Social Democrats the Greens and the Left parties have called for Madeleine Sjöstedt takes the "timeout" and demanded that the city should investigate the allegations of bribery.

According to the tabloid newspaper Expressen, the Entertainment company AEG gave the culture and property head of the council, Madeleine Sjöstedt several luxurious entertainment hand – outs  and a whole round trip to the USA in 2009. It would be a heavy coincidence that six months later the contract to run the most competitive Tele 2 Arena was offered AEG.
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