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Swedish public school students drilled to protect themselves in case of a school  shooting

Saturday, 16 March 2013
School shootings as shown on television from places such as the USA neighbouring Finland and the likes are not common in Sweden but fears are rife that such incidences could be on the here was given the growing strength of the far rights. As such, to minimise casualties, primary school pupils are being drilled on how to protected themselves in case a crazy gun man comes to school.

The heart of the far right home in Sweden, the Malmö Municipality in southern Sweden is the first to react to this feelings whereby primary school teachers and students are being  prepared for such unknown which  is perceived to be a possibility.

Last Thursday several firearms were found in a school on Malmo  -  the  Old Teachers' College in Malmo, southern Sweden. The municipality then decided that all teachers, school principals  in  public school  must be educated on how to protect themselves in case there is any form of school shootings, the Swedish daily,  Sydsvenskan reports on Saturday.

"In cooperation with the police, all the principals in Malmö have taken a special course where they learned what to do if there is a school shooting," says child and youth director of the Swedish town of Fosie, Henric Kahlmeter, to Sydsvenskan.

In December 20 students and six teachers were shot and killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in the United States, and twice since the millennium, there has been a school shooting in Finland.

Sweden has been relatively calm and the last time a shooting incident occurred in a school was in Kungälv 1961. So with the discovery of weapons in a school in Malmö on Thursday, pushed the Malmö Municipality to make schools best prepared.

Malmö is the centre of the far right movement in Sweden and some of the shooting in Finland, Norway, and the USA are tied to far right feelings. The Commune of Skåne where Malmö is the biggest city knows what far right activities are and how many of the politicians here support the work of people such as Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian mass murderer and how many of them have in several incidence  praise people such as Adolf Hitler and other far right figures.

The fear is that as the Swedish economy continues to struggle and immigration remains something that is continuously being debated upon, it could be a matter of time before far right loony cracks and take a gun to school.
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