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Swedish secret police want to know email content and destination

Tuesday, 19 November 2013
When it emerged that the American organisation NSA was spying on our emails and listening to our phone calls, there was this emotional explosion of condemnation in places such as Sweden. But the Swedish security authorities love the America approach and want to make similar Swedish go main stream.PoliceSwedish police / Granscole
It has now emerged that Swedish security police or the secret police also known as   Sapo wants operators in Sweden to automatically disclose information about telephone and emails of particular individuals. That may be you or me – for us we don’t care – know that we are being watched anyway.

The request comes from the police and other law enforcement agencies such as the Customs and Tax Authority.
Today, such action is managed through agreements between each operator and various authorities investigating crimes. But SAPO want the government itself to be able to go in and quickly access this information through a fully automated system.
The background to this is that SAPO want to collect data automatically, following the EU data retention directive, which led to legislative changes introduced last year.
“It allows operators to adjust their systems so that we can quickly get the information they need in a format that can be easily taken care of,” says Kurt Alavaara on SAPO t Swedish television.
Alavaara do not think that an automated data collection would be an invasion of privacy - on the contrary.
“I would say that this type of system increases privacy because all questions will be harmonized.”
Kurt Alavaara also emphasizes that, as before, it requires a decision from the court or agency before investigators can enter and retrieve information
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