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he Nazis are coming in a strong way in Sweden and so many minority groups are asking “should we stay or run?” Watch this space as we return after a period of absence.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013
26 people are reportedly arrested after Sunday's brawl in Kärrtorp in Stockholm, where some 30 people from Nazi organisation, the Swedish Resistance Movement (SMR) attacked a demonstration against Nazism. SMR has posted the Sunday attack on their website as a means to disseminate their values and “show what they can do”.

Swedish Police in Stockholm carried out lots of questioning on Tuesday, according to Kjell Lindgren, spokesman for the Stockholm police. The characters are particularly suspected of rioting and aggravated assault.
Nazi violent attach in Sweden
The Nazis are coming in a strong way in Swedish cities with violence
Then the police plans to learn more about crimes such as assaults, vandalism and assaulting a police officer, according police reports. All the arrested belong to the extreme right side, which attacked the demonstration.
Tabloid paper, Aftonbladet has mapped out some of the detainees. Nine of them have clear links to right-wing extremism, terrorist or violent and Nazi organizations and / or convicted of serious threats and violent crime, according to Aftonbladet. Seven openly support the SMC.
According to police, nearly half of those detained are under age 20, and one is a minor. A 28 year old man who is a member of the SMR was convicted in 2007 for attempted manslaughter after stabbing a leftwing activist in the neck, according to the Swedish media reports.
The detainees address shows that they not only come from the Stockholm County but also from Södermanland, Västmanland, Uppsala and Gävleborg.

The an anti-Nazi demonstration took place in the suburb of Stockholm where mostly immigrants such as the Somalis live. This has been defined as a sign that among others, the Swedish Resistance Movement feels ready to re-establish themselves in the big cities, where they have been flushed out from in many years past.
According to the authorities, the Swedish resistance movement's base has long been shifted to the smaller towns. That means they have been in the media shadow because it's unfortunately the case that it is only when the phenomenon reaches the big cities, especially Stockholm, that they are noticed. In this case it appears very clearly now that the confrontations are moving into big cities, this will be an issue official says.

Mass unemployment and the growing disenfranchisement with the mass influx of refugees from Syria and other war torn countries is being attributed as reason why these far rights are now making so much fuzz. The SMC also feels that the current far right party in parliament is too weak to make the radical moves that they crave.
The minority’s population is monitoring the situation very closely.
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