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Rule: “No Poles, no Iraqis and no Niggers or Gypsies in Swedish night clubs or pubs”

Wednesday, 20 November 2013
Back to the 60s in the USA and Apartheid South Africa, Sweden is living the dream of cleansing night clubs and pubs of Poles, Iraqis and Niggers or Gypsies and most managers continue to dream of maintaining a "white only" night club policy.

We have been writing on this network about how deep rooted racial discrimination is in Sweden and how institutionalised it had gone. Here is one more that emerged recently.

Radio Sweden reports how pubs and night clubs in Sweden make a list of those they don’t want their faces to show in their entertainment arenas and warning command instruction that goes thus, “No Poles, no Iraqis, and no Niggers or Gypsies."
Swedish night clubs
This instruction comes from the managements and guards just have to follow the instructions as beamed upon them.
This has made many people especially those classifies here not to go into night club arena in places such as Stockholm, Goteborg and Malmö – driven almost entirely by their racial background or the colour of their skin.

Radio Sweden reports that security guards have been saying that the instruction comes from their bosses and if they make an error to let members of thses groups in, the results are always bad.

One door guard, Maceo, who has long worked as a door man in Stockholm's pub and night club community, tells a similar story that a colleague of his was involved in:

“The owner told him, loud and clear: "I want to have a maximum of three black people at one time." And he exceeded it and it became a problem for him as he risked losing their livelihood,” says Maceo to radio Sweden.

A club owner decides who is admitted or not, as long as it does not go against the Discrimination Act. Thus, a restaurant owner has a policy of not letting people with sneakers or jeans for example - but then he cannot deny a guest based on whether he or she is a Muslim or homosexual or because of their race.

Yet according to radio Sweden and the witnesses they have talked of discrimination as there are always something that will make a guard deny a guest who is not blond, blue eyes and white skinned. Witnesses make it clear which ones (persons) are not welcome:
“There is nothing specifically new, its people who have a migrant background, dark-skinned people.”
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