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Various Swedish affiliated organisations actively seeking means to assist Syrian refugees in Syrian and in Sweden

Tuesday, 22 October 2013
As the humanitarian situation in Syria shift to catastrophic, many aid organizations in Sweden have targeted fundraisers to assist in stemming the humanitarian collapse taking place in Syria and the civil war there remain tense. The aid campaign on going in Sweden aims to continuously support Syrians displaced in and around Syria and those who moved here in Sweden
According to radio Sweden, the various Swedish affiliated organisations working in refugee camps and voluntary sectors in Sweden and in Syria are among others -
The Red Cross -  has 3,000 aid workers inside Syria that are engaged in providing medical support and ambulance operations and distribution of relief supplies. The organization's emergency collection goes to medicine, food and medical care.Syrian RefugeesSwedish aid organisations beefing aid collection for Syria / Granscole
Swedish church has been collecting money for Syrian refugees through gifts, income contribution and other forms of loose collections. They also carry out relief work in a refugee camp in Jordan. The work focuses on shelter, food and clothing, and to build recreation centres where possible.

Save the Children is on the ground in Syria and neighbouring countries - Iraq and Jordan to help refugee families, and have an emergency fund for contributions.
Doctors without borders have an emergency collection for its operations station to fun Syria. The organization had operated there since 2012 and have six field hospitals in areas of northern Syria, and also in northern Iraq.

UNICEF is inside Syria, and in refugee camps in neighbouring countries. They help focus on giving children health care, clean water, vaccinations and protection.
Within Sweden, the Swedish Migration Board is currently working with some organisations to create temporary accommodations to meet the influx of Syrian refugees coming to Sweden. The Authority welcomes new initiatives, but wants people who can support with clothes, toys or other such things.

Red Cross organizes voluntary work in the local immigrations organisations in Sweden. The focus is on charitable support through language cafes, hiking and other activities, as well as collections of toys.
The church of Sweden has local relief work, often together with the Red - Cross, and focuses on social support to refugees in Sweden.
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