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How expensive is Prisoner  Anders Behring Breivik? - He'll cost as much as 15 prisoners a year with his current sentence

Friday, 24 August 2012
Anders Behring Breivik has been the most expensive remand prisoner in Norway ever. Now that he has been sentenced to at least 21 years, he will continue to cost the Norwegian tax payers millions every single year.

The huge security measures around Breivik the past year has meant that he has become Norway's most expensive detainee.

The country's Justice Ministry told the Norwegian radio and deletion broadcaster,  NRK, that on average, ordinary detainee costs a little over Nkr800,000 per year.

Overall, Ila prison where Breivik has been in custody had to spend around Nkr12.5 million on Breivik's safety after they became responsible for him last year.

This is about as much it will cost fifteen ordinary prisoners within one year.
Operating costs of the Ila prison where Breivik was held last year cost Nkr7.5 million, according to prison director, Knut Bjarkeid, to NRK.

In addition, the conversion of the prison that was needed to tighten up security around Breivik cost Nkr 2 million.

Breivik's "one-man hospital", which was purpose built in the prison after they become responsible for his health has a price tag of around Nkr3 million.

"We asked for Nkr4.8 million extra for expenses from the ministry after we became responsible for Breivik. It became clear that the costs have been somewhat larger for safety reasons. We have had to make some steps we had not planned for," says Bjarkeid.

The warden examined 200 different risk factors in relations to how to build security around Breivik. This has added to the original cost as any extra action calls for more spending

In the past year Ila prison has partly been forced to hire an extra person just to ensure that employees will be able to read through all the letters Breivik received, which is one of the security measures around him. This is additional cost which no other prisoner has been able to infuse on the tax payers

Department of Correctional Services, Andreas Skulberg, confirms that no detainee ever in Norway has cost as much as Breivik.

"He requires a very high staff to take care of him in a safe manner. We have a zero tolerance for any uncertainty to occur. To safeguard the prisone community in a completely safe manner, we have had to use a lot of resources," says Skulberg.

As he has just been sentenced to prison, he is expected to cost about Nkr5 million a year assumed the current security level remains the same.
According to calculations, he could have cost even more - up to several tens of million a year if he was sentenced to compulsory mental health care.

Hopefully economic factors did not determined his sanity verdict. Thank God Norway is a country were money is flowing everywhere. Otherwise after hitting the tax payers with grief, he comes in to hit them financially once more. 
by Team

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