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The countries that love to visit Sweden most in 2012 (number of nights)

  1. Norway - 1322000
  2. Germany - 1026000
  3. Denmark - 690000
  4. UK - 549.000
  5. USA - 449000
  6. Finland - 419 000
  7. Netherlands - 269.000
  8. France - 249000
  9. Italy - 216.000
  10. Russia - 199000
  11. Poland - 167000
  12. Switzerland - 165.000
  13. China - 163000

Source: SCB

Record number of Chinese traveling to Sweden

Tuesday, 12 November 2013
The Chinese are showing their love for Sweden and the Nordic region by travelling here in massive numbers. New reports hold that the Chinese are flocking here in their numbers for various reasons including the ability to breathe clean air.
In 2012 China in ranked 13th among the countries with highest number of overnight stays in Sweden. Among overseas visitors China is the classed in second place after the Americans.
Interest has grown stronger in recent years. The number of Chinese overnights in in Swedish soil has namely increased by 62 percent since 2008, according to figures from Statistics Sweden.

“Sweden is well known in China for its welfare model, healthy and modern lifestyle, clean and with concerns for environmental. Nobel and the design is also something that attracts. Generally, Chinese people have a very positive outlook about Sweden and the Swedes,” says Thomas Brühl, CEO of Visit Sweden to Swedish television.
Now, a new record has been set, just between June and September this year, 158,000 Chinese stayed overnight here being an increase of 22 percent over last year.
So what is it that attracts the Chinese, except meatballs and mashed potatoes?

“Something we hear a lot in our travels is that Chinese people think that it is clean in Sweden and that you can breathe clean air,” says Ann Leydner to Swedish television. She is Business Manager at Scandinavian Perspectives, a company that, among other things organizes trips for Chinese who want to go to Sweden.
Average journey in Scandinavia for Chinese visitors last for approximately 9 – 10 days. Most are traveling in groups, according to Thomas Brühl at Visit Sweden.
By Scancomark.com Team

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